*Relax With Ocean Loans Campaign

In January I got an e-mail asking me if I wanted to be involved in the Relax with Ocean campaign. I was given some money to spend on a relaxing day, because this ties in with Ocean’s philosophy of making peoples’ life easier. As I’ve been unemployed for a good few weeks, I haven’t had money to spend on myself for so long, and so this was a lovely lovely collaboration.


I first of all decided to treat my poor, sore shoulders (learning Pole Dancing HURTS) to a neck, back and shoulder massage at a local salon. It was so good, I nearly fell asleep. I need to go back there more often!


I then decided to spend the rest on things to have a nice, relaxed night in. So I bought ice cream (Chocolate Fudge Brownie, the absolute best) a big bag of crisps, a handful of magazines and lots of Haribo. And then I spent the evening reading, watching telly (The Voice and Casualty, and then Magic Mike on DVD) and eating all the food. Perfection!


Oh, and I also bought myself some flowers to enjoy looking at for the next couple of weeks. Tulips are my favourite and these are so bright and colourful they’ll look fab in Instagram photos (and then in my front room)




Big thanks to Ocean Loans for inviting me to take part in this campaign, I really needed to be cheered up.


What would you have bought it you were given some money to spend on a relaxing day?


*This post was sponsored by Ocean Loans. All views and opinions contained within it are mine.



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