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I am such a shopping fan, especially when it comes to clothes and accessories. I’m always in Primark loitering around the dress section and you can usually find a new bag and pair of shoes in my basket too. Shopping online, though, is something I’m not quite as sure of. It can be a real nightmare to buy a product and realise it’s not right when it arrives, and then have to return it. So when Contact Numbers UK asked me to take part in their #ReturnsPolicy campaign and talk about how they can help, I thought it would be a good excuse to find out more and see if I can get over my fear a little.

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Last time I bought something online it was a dress and a top from a well known retailer I won’t mention. Their sizing was off and the materials used were bad, meaning I needed to send both back. But I’d thrown out the packaging by mistake and I couldn’t get a reply to my e-mail asking for the return address. In the end I gave up, binning the clothes and waving goodbye to the £35 I’d spent. So, so annoying.

Contact Numbers UK could help, if you’ve been shopping with Very or Amazon. They’ve got a contact number for Very and a contact number for Amazon, alongside some other retailers, and this means you can talk to a real person straight away. Ringing someone, getting straight through to the right person, means you won’t make any mistakes when sending the item back. The advisor you speak to can confirm your consumer rights, ie that you have the right to a refund if the item is faulty, and he or she can talk about your options when returning the item. You’ll be able to find out how long a refund takes and whether you get a confirmation that this has happened, or just need to keep an eye on your bank balance. Talking to an advisor over the phone means you can get the process started much quicker than waiting for a reply to your e-mail. Some places let you choose between taking the item to a post office with a prepaid returns label, organising a courier to pick up the item from your home or work, or letting you take the item to a parcelshop. For me, I’d opt for the third as that’s easier-I don’t have a long enough lunch break to get to the post office.

It’s so important, when you receive that online delivery, to make sure you keep items in their original packaging. I try on one thing at a time, putting it straight back into the bag if I’m not keeping it, so I don’t lose the packaging again.

Writing this post has sent me over to the Very website and I’m now about to place an order, now that I know if there’s an issue I can just call them. RIP my bank balance.

Are you a fan of buying online? Have you heard of Contact Numbers UK and their #ReturnsPolicy campaign?

*This post was written in collaboration with Contact Numbers UK. All thoughts, words and opinions are my own.



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