*Sex Shouldn’t Be Taboo (With LoveHoney)

I’ve talked about sex on Inside Laura’s Head before, and that post went down well with my readers, so when LoveHoney asked if I wanted to collaborate with them, obviously I said yes. Sex, and women talking about sex, is something I feel strongly about. Most women these days own one or more vibrators and it shouldn’t be seen as a negative for women to enjoy sex. Sex shouldn’t be taboo, but the number of times I hear women being judged for admitting they like sex, and called a slapper for having sex, is just depressing. Men are still championed for having a high number of sexual partners, and women are still told that’s wrong. Who are these men sleeping with, then? That’s right, the women who shouldn’t be having sex!

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I’m not a casual sex person. That’s not because I think there’s anything wrong with it-there is definitely nothing wrong with sleeping with whoever you want to as long as you’re safe and comfortable-but because I don’t tend to feel safe with people I don’t know. Sex, for me, goes hand in hand with having strong feelings for someone. Again that’s just my opinion and what’s right for ME, not something everyone should go by. I do believe, though, that sex should be good for both parties-and that’s where companies like LoveHoney come in.

Sex toys are something that can still be seen as weird, especially by some men-who think that if their partner has a vibrator, she isn’t happy with their sex life. In my experience, that’s not at all the case. Generally women who introduce toys to the bedroom (and men who do) are comfortable and confident with the sex they’re already having. Toys are usually brought in to try something different, to add something, rather than to replace anyone.

Sex toys can also be helpful when you’re single. Not everyone is getting regular sex, and though not everyone wants regular sex, some people do. Toys make that possible for people who aren’t comfortable sleeping with just anyone, but still have a high sex drive. Sex shouldn’t be taboo when you’re single, either.

Basically, if you enjoy sex, go have lots of sex. If you don’t, then don’t. You are not weird or strange for wanting more sex, less sex, or different sex-and we should stop judging others who treat sex differently to how we do.

*This post is in collaboration with LoveHoney. All thoughts, words, opinions and photography are my own.



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