*Sharing Memories Of My Prom

This time 15 years ago, I’d just started sixth form (I’m feeling very old now!) which means it’s been about fifteen years and two months since my Year 11 Prom. Now in those days it wasn’t the big deal they are today-some girls did wear fancy dresses but I didn’t, and I arrived in my parents’ car rather than a stretch limo with my friends-but my prom is still an amazing memory. When Prom Dress Finder asked me to collaborate with them I knew I’d enjoy sharing memories of my prom, and if you or someone you know is still to have your prom you can click here to have a look at some gorgeous dresses.

I don’t have photos of me at prom without my friends in, and as we’re still friends now (well, two of us are-which I’m so happy about, those girls are more like my sisters now) so I’m not going to post them because, whilst I’d happily post a photo of us from last week that I know they like, I’m aware they probably won’t want photos of them at 16 shared. We had very thin eyebrows and just general 2003 makeup fails-lets not go there eh?

A pair of silver glittered high heels

My prom was held at a local nightclub called Maine Street. It’s themed like an old cobbled street with a couple of different ‘outdoor’ bars, though obviously they didn’t serve us alcohol. As an adult I’ve been dancing in there so many times after a few too many cocktails and it always takes me back to the whole of my year group crammed onto the dance floor singing along to R Kelly’s Ignition. Whenever I hear that song I’m transported right back, too.

Prom was my first experience of big groups of girls disappearing into the toilets together for what seems like hours. I have lots of photos of me and friends by the mirrors (both from prom and many, many other nights out too) because back then it wasn’t about the fantastic quality photos for Instagram, it was just a ‘lets remember this’ shot from your night out-ahh, those were the days.

Prom was also the first time everyone was nice to each other, or at least avoided the people they didn’t like. As someone who was bullied a fair bit all through school, I’d been nervous about the same happening at prom. Amazingly, though, at prom and then all through sixth form, the bullies just stopped. We weren’t friends-that will never happen-but if there was just the two of us in the same room, we could be civil. That was a huge deal to me.

I suspect the next time I have a party similar to prom will be my wedding (don’t panic guys, I’m still single, there’s no relationship I’ve not told you about) and when I DO get married I’ll be using a site likeĀ Wedding Photo Swap so all my guests can upload the photographs they’ve taken for me.

*This is a collaborative post. All thoughts, words and opinions are my own.


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