*Shopping For Winter Clothes

Winter is my least favourite season when it comes to getting dressed. I don’t own many jumpers, I prefer sandals to boots and I get so cross when I’m cold. Every year I just manage with the small amount of winter clothes I have but this year I decided I needed to actually buy more clothes-then I’ll find the season easier. So I’ve been doing a bit of an online window shop to decide what I want to buy, so I can then have a day of shopping for winter clothes.

Cosy, warm jumpers

I’ve seen quite a few in New Look and H & M that I fancy. I really want a tan coloured jumper, as well as a black one and maybe a nice petrol blue. I spend so much time in the one oversized hoody I own and I don’t like it! Jumpers will help me look better.

New, practical jeans

Much as I love the ripped jeans that are everywhere at the moment, they’re only going to make me colder. I like fitted jeans like these shaping jeans from Esprit and will be buying a pair in blue, grey and black for my winter wardrobe. Shaping jeans tend to be really flattering to my figure and really comfy too, and I wear mine to death all year round (unless it’s really really hot) so these will get so much wear from me.

Long sleeves

Most of the year I wear vest tops as I’m not a fan of long sleeves. But in the winter months I definitely need long sleeves and so I’m looking for some longline, long sleeved tops-in both plain colours like black and grey and some stripy ones too. I’m hoping Primark will be my friend here.


Layers are the one when it comes to colder weather. I tend to wear a vest top, a long sleeved top over it and then a lovely snuggly jumper. If it’s really, REALLY cold I’ll pop a coat on too but I’m not a coat kind of person, if I can help it.


I love my Uggs when it’s cold and I’m not even ashamed. But if I want to be smarter I like tan coloured chelsea boots, and I’ll be buying a new pair from Primark this year.

What’s in your winter wardrobe? Have you been out shopping for winter clothes yet?



  1. November 21, 2017 / 10:50 pm

    I am all about the layers too! Layers, uggs and my dressing gown! I love winter for clothes, chunky knits and thick tights and I’m happy!

  2. November 28, 2017 / 10:58 pm

    I am the opposite of you because I love winter and coats! Winter is when I can sport my beautiful parkas and trench coats. I’d would love to try the jumper this season. It sounds fun! Thank you.

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