SkyGarden, London

At the beginning of this month, I went to London with Travelodge. I took my friend Claire with me and, to be honest, she’s been such a good friend to me over the years I really wanted her to enjoy the trip. When Rach suggested I tried to book SkyGarden for us I had a quick look on Instagram, realised the views were amazing and as Claire and I are both photographers, booked the visit as a surprise.

Sorry not sorry for the amount of photos in this post-I just couldn’t narrow them down anymore! As you can see, the views are AMAZING and what’s even more special is that SkyGarden is FREE to visit. You do have to book in advance, as limited numbers are allowed up at any one time, so that you can enjoy your experience, and you do have to take ID with you, as well as undergoing quite vigarous security checks-but in the current climate that’s understandable, it’s just worth getting there a little early.

SkyGarden is on Fenchurch Street, near Monument Tube Station, and is (not at all surprisingly) pretty easy to find-given that it’s 36 floors high and made of glass, you can see it for miles-and slots are booked for an hour from your entry time. I think it’s just enough time-there’s a bar where you can sit and have a drink and beautiful gardens inside as well as the 360 degree view of the city. We left after 40 minutes as we’d taken photos from every possible angle, marvelled at the views and didn’t feel like a drink. There are also restaurants you can book but like SkyGarden, these need to be booked in advance. I can imagine it’s lovely to sit up there and eat and look at the views, especially if you’re there for the sunset, that would be spectacular.

What’s your favourite London building, and can you see it in my photos?

View of the Shard from SkyGarden View from SkyGarden View of Westminster Bridge from SkyGarden View from SkyGarden View of St Paul's Cathedral from SkyGarden View of the London Eye and The Gherkin from SkyGarden Garden inside SkyGarden Inside SkyGarden View of St Paul's Cathedral from SkyGarden Trees inside SkyGarden Laura looking out over the Shard from SkyGarden Laura taking a selfie at SkyGarden Laura sat on a bench surrounded by trees at SkyGarden Laura taking a photo at SkyGarden

Photo credit (all four photos of me) Claire Nolan Photography 


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