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As a single woman, society doesn’t really expect me to think about, or want, sex. I’ll add a disclaimer here-I do know a group of brilliant, sex positive people, who don’t feel this way-but they are still in the minority. Katy and Sam are two such people, and so I wasn’t surprised to learn that they’d worked with Smile Makers at CarnLIVal, and had arranged for every blogger to go away with some lubricant in their goodybag, as well as some Smile Makers sex toys to be part of their ‘naughty and nice’ prizes. I think it’s hugely refreshing that the girls do this at their events, and unlike anywhere else where sex toys have been mentioned, no one gets all embarassed about them. Go bloggers!

Sadly at the last CarnLIVal, I didn’t get to grab any of the naughty or nice bags as I was too busy talking to Derma V10 about their grey hair dyes. I felt pretty sad that I didn’t have any of the Smile Makers toys to try, and I’m trying to be braver with pitching to brands these days, so I thought I’d pop Smile Makers an e-mail over to see if they fancied working with me. I was in luck, they’re really lovely and said yes, and so they sent me a couple of the Smile Makers sex toys to try.

Image of Smilemakers Sex Toys The Fireman and The Frenchman

I personally think it’s important to get to know your body, to learn what you like and dislike, and to realise that masturbation, either with toys or without, is perfectly normal and natural, and yes it IS something women do. Why should men have all the fun? (I will add here that it’s also fine if it’s not for you, I’m not saying there’s something wrong with you if you choose not to-you do you, that’s cool.) I also think people should embrace using toys during sex with a partner too, but that’s obviously something you both need to be comfortable with. I believe in enthusiasic consent for whatever you’re doing, otherwise it shouldn’t be happening.

Smile Makers sent me two toys: The Frenchman, (pastel blue) and The Tennis Coach (yellow) to try out. I had the lubricant from my goodybag already, which is good because Smile Makers recommend you use one. The Frenchman is designed to mimic a tongue, and the Tennis Coach is more about G Spot stimulation. The toys are £34.95 each and take one AAA battery, so they’re not going to cost a fortune in batteries like some toys do. They’re quite small, so easy to store away, and pretty sturdy for the size. They’re also incredibly quiet. And they do the job, although I’d say not as well as some toys I’ve tried-though for the price, I can’t complain.

Have you tried any Smile Makers products?


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  1. June 29, 2017 / 2:03 pm

    a hell yes for promoting a positive attitude to sex and masturbation ♥

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