*Staying Safe On The Roads

It’s not something I get to talk about too often on here, but I (a good few years ago, now) used to work in car insurance. I saw so many car accident claims, from the normal ‘hit whilst parked’ or ‘hit in the rear’ to the frankly ridiculous ‘a horse took a bite out of my bonnet’ and saw many instances of people claiming road accident compensation too. I learnt a thing or two about how to prevent accidents happening, so when I was asked to write a post about staying safe on the roads in conjunction with Slater & Gordon Solicitors of course I said yes.

Car maintenance

The most obvious way to make accidents far less likely is to make sure your car is in full working order. Take it for it’s annual service, and it’s MOT if it’s old enough to need one. Keep your oil and water topped up, keep your tyres at the correct pressure and keep an eye on the tread levels. If you don’t know how to do this stuff, I’d recommend either paying someone to do it for you or better yet, going on a course to learn the basics.

Mirror, signal, manouver

There’s a reason this is repeated over and over during driving lessons. So many accidents could be avoided by people looking to check the road is clear before pulling out, and indicating their intentions to others around them. Don’t be THAT IDIOT who doesn’t know what their indicators are for.

Be aware of what other drivers are doing

Other drivers can be unpredictable. If you expect people to pull out of junctions when they shouldn’t, and not pull off at roundabouts when they should, it means you’re one step ahead of them when they do just that. It stops you from running into the back of the car in front because you could see that the road was clear to your right-this is one of the most common accidents.

What are your top tips for staying safe on the roads?



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