Surviving The Works Christmas Party

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, or have not yet had a job, you’ve probably been on a least one work Christmas Party. We all know they’re one of two things-fantastic, or hellish. I’ve never been to one yet that was just ‘alright’. The stories I could tell you-well, I won’t, to protect the innocent. I’m writing this whilst I SHOULD be packing for mine-this year I’m at a new company and our party is a night at Event City in Manchester with a meal, free bar, fairground rides (I’m so excited for the Dodgems!) and a hotel stay-which is quite a treat, really. My anxiety though is making me really not want to go, so in an attempt to calm down I’m sharing my Christmas Party survival tips with you lovely lot.

Watch what you’re drinking

It may SEEM like a great idea to start on the shots with the sales guys, but do you REALLY want to risk throwing up on the MD’s shoes, or telling the hot guy in accounts that you love him? Nope, me neither! Know your limits and stop at a happy, but still sensible, level of drunk.

Stick to your friends

If you’re feeling a bit shy, anxious, or just unsure of the situation-don’t think you need to socialise with the people you don’t know well. There’s no harm in sticking with your closer workmates, no one will notice, honest.


Wear comfy shoes

Dancing all night is probably going to happen-lets face it those Christmas playlists are full of absolute tunes. Your gorgeous but painful stilettos will just get kicked off halfway through the second song and then people will keep standing on your toes. I’m wearing my comfy, mid heel shoeboots this year and I’m not sorry.

Make sure you have everyone’s numberĀ 

So that you can have th obligatory text debrief the day after. It’s the most fun bit of any party IMO.

Take lots of photos-but no drunken uploads

Basically, check you actually like them in the morning and check there’s nothing anyone will hate for you, before putting them on social media. Also (ex trade union official talking) make sure you’re not uploading any photos that breach your employer’s social media policy, or you could find yourself in a not so festive disciplinary hearing on Monday. Ouch.

What are your tips on surviving the works Christmas party?



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