The Body Shop’s Mothers Day Fragrance Event

My Mum is very like most of our mothers, in that she really doesn’t get blogging, she doesn’t understand why I get sent free stuff, and why brands sometimes pay me to write a post about a subject they’ve specified. She doesn’t get my obsession with skincare or my love for my DSLR, and it’s difficult sometimes when I’m really excited about something and she’s very ‘meh’. When we were invited to The Body Shop’s Mothers Day Fragrance Event¬†I hoped she’d take the chance to see the sort of thing I do-and she did.

The night was focused around fragrance, which was cool-if there’s anything I love as much as skincare, it’s fragrance. We were given a talk about some of their new fragrances, as well as lots of facts about our sense of smell-like that newborn babies always prefer their own mother’s scent, even if they’re presented with other mothers who all smell of milk, they know THEIR mother. The talk included the scents being passed around for us to smell, and my Mum fell in love with the new White Musk L’Eau perfume, so I bought her a gift set for her Mothers Day present. Mum always wears Anais Anais perfume and I buy her that a lot so it was nice to find her something else she likes.

We had a skincare consultation from the lovely Jess, and bought a few treats for ourselves (Vitamin C Liquid Peel and Smoky Rose Body Spray, for me) and Mum got to personalise a Body Butter for herself-in the new Almond Milk and Honey Scent. The staff were handing out Bellinis, I was driving but Mum had three, and as she rarely drinks was a little bit giddy-hilarious.

I really enjoyed the opportunity to show Mum what a blogging event was like and I think Mum enjoyed it too-she keeps telling me she’ll come to the next one but sadly we don’t always get the chance for a plus one!

Big thanks to The Bodyshop from me and my Mum for our invitation, and for our goodybag too!




  1. May 16, 2017 / 4:16 pm

    Oh my gosh.
    I love the smell of all body shop products… i am so jealous you got to go !

    You must have smelt amazing

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