The Fifth Year Of Inside Laura’s Head

Now Inside Laura’s Head is four, whilst writing my little celebration post and thinking about how far I’ve come, I got thinking about where I want to be this time next year. I believe you should write the sort of content you enjoy reading and for me that’s travel, food, and a little bit of fashion. I also enjoy those really long, really honest diary style catchup posts, and posts where someone has just poured their heart out onto the page. So I’m making plans for┬áthe fifth year of Inside Laura’s Head and, as I like reading posts like this, I’m sharing those plans with you guys.

More affordable, but not a hostel in site, travel posts

I like to travel on a budget, I eat out where I fancy but aiming for cheap and cheerful over a four course expensive meal, and I hunt out free or cheap things to do at my destination. I’m not a hostel kind of girl, but I do go for a cheap (ish) hotel-and my future travel content will talk about how much I’ve spent on a trip as well as what I did there and any ways you could save money on that same trip.

Merry go round in a park in Wroclaw, Poland

Travel planning posts

I’ve always really been a winging it kind of traveller, but doing Amsterdam with Kirsty and seeing how well organised she was (or tried to be-I think we ruined things a little) I’ve decided to go to my destination with more of a plan of action. There’ll always be some wandering around exploring time scheduled in, and my planning will be loose, not military grade-but I’m going to start sharing my plans, and my planning process, on Inside Laura’s Head before I go to each destination.

Longer, more detailed posts

My travel content so far has been fairly functional-I went here, saw this, did that, here are some photos. That’s fine, but I prefer reading content that talks about the history of places, how to get there, opening hours, price of entry and anything else you need to know. I plan to rewrite my older content as some point but anything new will be in the new style, and much more helpful to those reading.

More ‘in between’ fashion posts, done my way

I am loving the rise of the smaller (following wise) plus size fashion bloggers, and I always appreciate a fashion post from ‘straight sized’ bloggers too. But I’m currently at that in between stage, where I’m not quite plus size but I’m too big for some high street brands, and I find it difficult to work out what to wear. I think there’s a real gap in the blogosphere at the moment for people like that (please comment below with anyone you know who’s doing a similar thing because I want to go check them out) so I’ll be doing far more fashion content, and it’ll be very me. Chatty and casual, because those gorgeous, perfectly accessorised, perfectly shot photos (think Hello Miss Jordan’s instagram feed) are bloody stunning, but not very Laura.

Laura in a black dress and a denim shirt, stood in front of a building covered in graffiti

More food reviews

I’ve dropped the ball a little bit on food reviews, as I’ve stopped heading out to eat off my own back and I’ve also stopped pitching to restaurants to come and review. I’ll be getting back on both of these so expect to see far more foodie content over here in the next year.

Collaborations with travel related brands

I’ll really be pushing myself, my blog and my ideas forward and this should (hopefully!) lead to far more collaborative posts with travel brands. I’ve got a list of 10 brands I’d like to reach out to over the next couple of months and I’m aiming for half of those wanting to work with me, so watch this space.

Laura sat in a carriage on the S Bahn in Berlin, Germany

Regular social media updates

As well as getting back into using Instagram stories properly I’ll be back to daily posts on there, as well as promoting my posts on Twitter and using my Facebook page to give you exclusive content. There’ll be sneak peaks on there, behind the scenes information, and I’ll also share both new and old content from me and others. If you’re not following my social channels yet, head on over-they’re all linked at the top right of this page.

I really care what my readers think and what you guys want to see from this blog too, so if there’s something I’ve not mentioned on here that you’d like me to do more of (or start doing) please comment below and let me know, or contact me on any of my social channels and I’ll see what I can do.



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