The Love/Hate Tag


I’ve been tagged by the lovely Serena to do the Love/Hate tag. This is the sort of post I love, one that lets you get to know a bit more about another blogger. I have to list 10 things I love and 10 things I hate, and tag some other bloggers to do the same. Sounds good, right?

I love:

  1. My hamster, Stella.She was bought for me as a housewarming present when I moved into my first ever rented house all by myself, 90 miles away from home. I wanted a hamster, so that I had someone to talk to when I was home alone and knew no one. I’ve since moved back home but Stella is still there to listen. And to eat my pillowcases when I put them too close to the cage-grrr!
  2. Bright lipsticks. Nothing makes me happier than a bright lip.
  3. Shellac nails. I am useless with normal polish, it just chips on me, but Shellac makes me look groomed, when I feel anything but.
  4. Crisps. Especially Walkers Chicken and Thyme Sensations. Oh my god, I ADORE these, and can easily eat a full bag in one night, if I let myself. I am now on Weight Watchers and so can’t let myself, though!
  5. Summer. Hello, gorgeous sunshine.
  6. Accents. My boyfriend is Welsh, but I also love Australian accents, New Zealand accents, and Cockney accents. Ooooh yes.
  7. Rose gold. I’m a typical blogger, obviously.
  8. Watching my stats grow. You can help with that, my links are at the bottom of this post. (Cheeky plug, ha ha!)
  9. Cheesy TV. Currently addicted to Love Island, it is THE BEST. Escapism, love it.
  10. Music. I am not fully happy unless I am listening to some music.

I hate:

  1. Spiders. Scary buggers. Ugh.
  2. Snakes. Ditto.
  3. Big scary dogs. Yep, same.
  4. Rain. Unless it’s a cracking thunderstorm and I don’t have to go out.
  5. My hair going frizzy. Usually related to rain.
  6. Seeing things you HAVE to buy, when you’re skint.
  7. Coffee. It just makes me feel sick.
  8. Bananas. I can’t stand the smell of them.
  9. Too high heels. They may look gorgeous, but I can’t walk in them. Bad times.
  10. People who try to put you down. I don’t need negative influences in my life.

Oooh, I enjoyed this tag!

I tag:

Sam at Cocobutter Blog

Rayne at Make It Rayne 

And anyone else who fancies doing this!



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  1. nishkpatel
    July 7, 2015 / 4:57 pm

    Love tag posts! Definitely going to do this one.. completely agree with your no 10 hate btw! xx

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