The Mini Haul I forgot about! 


I completely forgot to tell you about the lovely things I bought from Prinark a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been tidying this afternoon and found this little lot still in the carrier bag! Oops! Bad Laura.

So, what, why, and how much?

First, this scarf is beautiful. I have LOADS of scarves and never wear them (has anyone done any how to style a scarf posts?) I want to start wearing mine-maybe I’ll do a post on how I’ve been wearing them when I figure it out! Anyway, this was £4, it’s a long and wide scarf so should be easier to wear. Just LOOK at that beautiful pattern.

This is Primark’s version of Balmi. I’m planning a post to compare Balmi, Eos and these, shortly. This is £2 and smells of Cocoa Butter. Yum.

These are another item Primark does that is a copy of more expensive ones. Again I’m going to feature these in a future post.

And, these. Another copy item! I do like Primark for their cheaper alternatives of popular items, it’s very clever.

This necklace was bought so that I could make it say Inside Laura’s Head. However, as I’ve unpacked it ive realised there aren’t enough of the letter S or D, nor are there enough Gs to make Blogger. However, if I grab another I can make both those two, so I will grab one next time. Yay! This was only £3.

Anyone else buy things and then forget about them, or just me?

Laura xx


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