Thirty is a lie in because I’m so tired at this time of year. It’s a cup of tea and some of last nights Chinese for my breakfast. Thirty is a family meal, and visiting friends in the evening. Thirty is silver rings, diamonds, rose gold jewellery, and white chocolate Toblerones. It’s my new shoes and a pretty skirt, some gorgeous earrings and a rose gold choker. It’s making an effort, because I’m thirty and we’re celebrating.
It’s being adult enough that when plans for your big night out have to change because one friend can’t afford it and another is poorly, that all that matters is those three girls who are now at your friends flat drinking cocktails with you. Thirty is knowing how lucky you are to have them, and that being able to count the number of close friends you have one one hand is normal, and great.
I can’t honestly say I’m ready for thirty. It feels like I should have my shit together-a house, a fancy car, a high powered job, 2.4 children and a Cockerpoo. I’m still living with my parents, though will be buying a house soon, and there’s no sign of a man, a child or a dog. I’m happy with that.
I think life is what you make it, that you shouldn’t feel pressured into doing what other people think you should. I may not be where I planned to be right now, but I have plans to get there. In the next year I want to travel, I want to buy a house, lose some weight, get better at pole dancing, and really improve Inside Laura’s Head. I want to develop my photography further, and start to sell some of my work. And above all, I want to enjoy thirty.
Happy birthday to me!

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