Through My Keyhole


I’ve recently moved house. As usual when you move into a rented house, you end up wirh magnolia walls and light coloured carpet everywhere, the cheapest possible lightbulbs, and the end result of a house with no character. However-this house is different. A lot of things in it are things I would have chosen myself, or that I wouldn’t have chosen but I do love. So I thought I’d show you them.

Enter my house through the front door, and to your right is a feature wall. Flowery wallpaper, which is quite cool-but when you look closer, theres even little diamante bits on the flowers! Pretty, eh?

   flower paper

Look to the left and there’s my kitchen. But wait, there’s no door-I have an archway instead. I love the arch and like to stand in it with my arms touching either side-weird, I know.


To your right, just inside the door, is my downstairs toilet. Check out the poppies on the wall. I definitely would have chosen those, in fact my friend used to have them in her living room and I always wanted them.


Further along the hallway and to the left is a big storage cupboard/larder. I love having a larder, now that I have a small kitchen it’s a lifesaver. I’m not showing you photos of inside there though as it’s a right mess…

At the end of the hallway is my living room. It’s got a lovely stripy feature wall, and stairs to upstairs. I always said I’d never want an open plan staircase but I do quite like it. The light in here is amazing-lots of little crystal balls hanging from the light fitting. Sooooo pretty.

stripy paper crystals light

At the top of the stairs is my butterfly feature wall. Then on the landing, a very fancy light-three chunky glass squares.

butterflies light cubes

The rest of the house is pretty plain, but I love the character created by the little touches. Oh, and I’ve been able to hang a personalised canvas I ordered a while ago too!


What do you think?



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