Today’s IKEA Haul


I intended to do a really good post today about something that’s been bothering me, but I lost two hours to IKEA instead. I went in for some fabric boxes for my square shelving units, so I can organise things better. Further post to come on that one! So-here’s what I treated myself to!


First of all, I needed wrapping paper for Christmas. I decided on the beautiful pink themed paper as I can use that all year round. So girly and pretty!


Then I had a look at the Christmas stuff. These Snowman marshmallows look nice! I love the robins-they don’t match my tree but are going to be put up around my house. And the mini baubles I plan to hang from pretty ribbon and use as a garland. The White and Silver garlands are very cool-they have foxes on! My mum has one on a plant in her front room and I couldn’t resist.


I couldn’t resist buying me a Panda and Michael a Mouse.


These travel bottles caught my eye as they were so bright, and for £1 I grabbed some for next time I’m travelling.


This is the most exciting thing I picked up. Three candles which smell as strong as my beloved Yankees! Three scents-Makeup (smells a bit like baby powder!) Berries, and Strawberries.

Have you picked anything fabulous up from IKEA?

Laura xx


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