Travel Bloggers I’ve Been Loving This Month

One thing I don’t do enough is read other blogs, so when a Facebook group I was in suggested we had a look at other people’s blogs, I was glad to have a reason to find some new ones. Travel is my favourite type of post to write as well as read and so I obviously read mostly travel blogs. Here’s some travel bloggers I’ve been loving this month.

Jesseatsandtravels covers food and travel amongst other things. I’ve really enjoyed discovering her blog, especially her post about DFDS mini cruising and how it’s a perfect holiday, as I went on the same mini cruise last year with my family and had a great time.

Oneepicroadtrip is a travel focused blog and the post that really caught my eye at first was her London Zoo post, because I really want to go to London Zoo. It’s a brilliant read and her photography is AMAZING.

My friend Fromfiona showed me around Glasgow last year. I wrote about Glasgow and she also has, and I loved reading her post. It’s interesting to see the things different people notice about the same place, and I’m showing Fiona around Leeds soon so we should have similar but matching posts again soon.


Melissajanelee has lots of travel content, as well as food, beauty and lifestyle. The first post I chose to read was her things to do in Berlin post, which caught my eye as I was doing Berlin last year but it got cancelled, and I’m hoping to go this year. I’ve definitely got a few ideas of things to do from her post.

Beautyandthebird has a great travel section too. I particularly liked her post about how to take great photos when travelling,  as a photographer myself it’s nice to see the tips other people give.

I hope you guys go and check these bloggers out-leave them a comment if you do and tell them I sent you.




  1. Steve
    March 2, 2018 / 8:14 pm

    Thanks for this awesome list! Im addicted to travel bloggers right now 🙂 Cant wait to get stuck into these…

  2. August 19, 2018 / 8:06 pm

    I’ve just seen your post thank you so much for the mention.

    Lisa (One Epic Road Trip)

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