*Travel Blogging On A Budget

When I say I’m a Travel Blogger, people think one of two things; either that I get lots of free trips (I wish-I have done a small number of press trips but I mostly pay for my own travel) or that I have lots and lots of spare cash. Sadly, this is also not true-I’m travel blogging on a budget. When I was asked to collaborate with NorthCash this seemed like the perfect post topic, as NorthCash offer small loans that would be helpful if you’re booking a big trip. There definitely are lots of ways to travel blog without a loan, though.

Travel Planning

I get a fair bit of content from planning my travel, and I love to read posts other people have written about how they’ve planned a trip, things they want to do and see in their destination, or posts about how to make the most of a trip. None of these posts cost a penny, as they can be written without booking a trip. I have a few of these posts half written, although I don’t post them until I’ve booked to go to that destination-that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t, though.

Local Travel

I live very near Leeds, and I’m also within two hours of Manchester, Liverpool, and the North East. So I have posts either posted or planned all about places local to me-when I’ve spent less than £30 for a day out. It’s easy to think that the places closest to you are boring and not worth writing about, but remember that other people travel to visit those places on purpose. They will enjoy your content, and your local knowledge really adds to the post.

Photo credit: FromFiona

UK Travel

When I started to blog about travel I fell straight into the trap of thinking that the only travel worth doing was abroad. Then I realised that I enjoy reading about UK travel other people have done. And so I’ve started doing overnights around the UK, so that I can product content for people who are unwilling or unable to go abroad, or just prefer to stay in this country. UK travel can be done on a very small budget, and easily fit in around work too.

Short Breaks

When I do go abroad, it’s never for long. The trips I have talked about on this blog have all been three nights or less, with the exception of Cuba. For 2018 I’m about to book three weekend trips for the bank holiday weekends, I’ll be away Friday, Saturday and Sunday night and home Monday. I’m doing this on purpose to fit in with work as I won’t need time off, but I also know that I can get a pretty cheap trip with that timeframe. I’ll be booking wherever is cheapest for these breaks, as I want to see everywhere, and I’ll be planning some more short breaks later in the year-to Berlin, and potentially to somewhere in Poland, Portugal and Italy.

Past Travel

Who says you can only blog about travel you’ve done since starting your blog? My Cuba content is from 2011, but it’s content I was excited to write. I also have content planned about Bruges, from a trip I took a few years ago. Again, none of this content will cost me a penny-and it’s a good excuse to get the old photographs out.

Can you think of travel content that doesn’t cost the earth? What have I missed?


*This is a collaborative post with NorthCash. All thoughts, words and opinions are my own.


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