Travelling Alone For The First Time

There’s something magical about travelling alone, being on a plane by yourself. No one is asking you stupid questions about the wheels coming down, how long the flight is going to be or which mountains you’re flying over, no one is judging your choice to get two Vodka and Cokes alongside your breakfast of Mac n Cheese, and there’s no one to be offended that you’ve just had a nap and ignored them for a while.

If I’m completely honest, despite the bravado I was terrified of travelling alone. This trip (Friday to Monday in Palma, Majorca) isn’t REALLY a solo trip-I’m meeting Cristina and hanging out with her for the majority of the weekend-but for the purposes of navigating the airport carpark, the check in desk, security, (FYI-boots with buckles may be pretty but you WILL be that person who has to take them off) and finding my hotel. And my anxiety didn’t love that.

I’m writing this from the plane. I was going to bring my laptop in my hand luggage but it was really heavy, so I’ve got my iPhone on Airplane mode and I’m writing this in the notes app. My laptop is in my suitcase in the hold and I WILL get some posts live this weekend, even if it’s done in a few minutes before I sleep.

A plane wing in the clouds

So far, so good, when it comes to this trip. I arrived at the car park this morning, 2 minutes before the shuttle bus. Checked in quickly, went through security, and then ten minutes later my boarding gate was announced-so I grabbed a book as a bottle of water and headed to board. I was the third passenger on the plane (ever-it flew in from Seattle last week and we are it’s first passenger flight-it smells like new cars!) and if I’m completely honest, this has been the least stressful journey I’ve ever had.

The other end was stress free, too. I got off the plane, sailed through passport control without having to wait for anyone else, then popped off to the toilet on the way to get my suitcase. I didn’t care if I wasn’t there the second the suitcases came out. My case was the 6th case off and I went straight to a taxi. So incredibly easy.

I finished this post off later, when I’d arrived at my hotel, unpacked and after I’d been out for the day. As I write this I’m half dressed because I had a good sentence idea when I was getting changed, I’ve got Gilmore Girls on and it’s really late but there’s no one to complain. Oh, and my suitcase is half unpacked on the second bed that there’s no one here to sleep in.

I think I quite like travelling alone.




  1. May 16, 2017 / 4:56 pm

    Ahh well done!! I so WANT to say I’ve flown somewhere on my own…. aside from Heathrow to Newcastle for work! Not quite the same… Being able to sit in a window seat, with nobody bugging you sounds perfect!

  2. July 8, 2017 / 9:34 pm

    Traveling by myself is something I have yet to do. Good for you!

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