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I’m part of a Beauty group on Facebook, and every so often they have a ‘Secret Santa’ (one for each occasion usually, so we have Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween) and this year they decided to make the Valentine’s one not so secret-you paired yourself up with another member and did a box for each other, chatting as you did it. Very cool.


Usually there’s a questionnaire we have filled in with likes and dislikes, and that’s all you have to go on-but this time I was able to chat to my partner too, which was handy. I agreed to swap with Kerryanne (who is talking about creating her own blog, so if she does, I will link her in this post!) and I took photos of what I sent to her before I sent it, for this post.


IMG_0812 (3)

IMG_0813 (3)

IMG_0815 (3)

IMG_0816 (3)

IMG_0817 (3)

IMG_0818 (3)

IMG_0820 (3)

IMG_0821 (3)

I was really pleased with how well I’d themed this box-and Kerryanne sent me this photo once she’d opened it-because I didn’t think to take one of everything together!


kerryanne whole box (2)


Kerryanne’s box arrived about a week and a half before I managed to send mine-because she is clearly far more organised than I am. She’d decorated the box and even made me a card-yeah, I suck, I didn’t do that stuff. She also individually wrapped everything-which I didn’t do either. (But I put sequins and rose petals in the box, which counts for something, right!?)

IMG_0829 (2)


IMG_0832 (2)


IMG_0835 (2)


Kerryanne sent me some papers from her crafting things, because she thought they’d be good for blog photos (absolutely-what a nice thought!) she sent me two boxes of Rainbow Nerds-which I adore, and a Valentine’s lollipop and chocolate hearts. Great minds think alike re chocolate hearts, obviously. She chose some gorgeous jewellery for me, a lovely perfume from Avon (I’ve never tried their perfumes but this one is so nice!) and a Cherry Blossom candle-I love cherry everything. She managed to find a Sleek Palette and Blush that I don’t already have, and she sent me some other lovely bits too.


IMG_0840 (2)




I loved our swap and I’d happily pair up with Kerryanne again in future-I hope she feels the same!


Have you ever done a swap, either with someone you knew or a secret santa type swap? How did it go-did you get a new favourite item from it?


Laura xx

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