Valldemossa, Majorca

When I went back to Majorca at the end of March, my main aim was to do some things I didn’t get chance to when I was there in September. One thing on the list was to visit a pretty village and take lots of photos and so when Cristina suggested Valldemossa, we decided to spend our Sunday there.

Valldemossa is a charming little village, reminding me of a cross between Durham and Haworth (which, if you don’t live in the North of England probably won’t mean much to you-apologies)

There was a cute little market on, which gave me change to buy a little tan leather handbag which will be great for travelling, and gorgeous little cobbled streets. Beautiful houses meant I had lots of photo taking fun and then we headed off for Coca de Patata-sweet cakes made from potato, and hot chocolate. You’re meant to dunk the cake into the drink and so I did, though as it looked so much like our bread rolls it felt very wrong. Tasted so nice, though.

Heading somewhere new with someone who is local is always fun. As well as the gorgeous food, Cristina knew all the best places to go in Valldemossa, including a path that looked like it lead to nowhere but instead lead to a large courtyard looking out into the mountains, which meant I could take some of the shots you see on this post. She also took me to a big garden at the back of the gorgeous blue building and JUST LOOK how pretty it is! Lots of flowers, hedges made to look like a maze, blossom on the trees, a statue-a photographers dream.

We spent around three hours in Valldemossa-because it was a Sunday, the buses weren’t as regular as during the week and it was rather cold (not surprising given how high up we were-definitely take a jacket or cardigan with you) and I feel like I could’ve definitely spent more time, but I also didn’t feel rushed.

I’d really recommend Valldemossa if you fancy a day out to somewhere beautiful. It feels a million miles away from the city, and yet it’s such a short journey. I’ll definitely be back.

Have you ever been to Valldemossa, or Majorca at all?



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