*Viking Arty Party

A couple of weeks ago I went to the first Christmas event of the year, the Viking Arty Party-on a very hot day in Leeds, with most of my favourite Leeds Bloggers, and Viking. We’d been promised a day of crafting and Christmassy things so it was a bit weird seeing everyone in their Christmas jumpers during the warmest October day I’ve known-but it did get us into the festive spirit rather well.

Christmas tree at Viking Arty Party

Viking had set up three different tables for us, which we rotated round in groups. We enjoyed calligraphy (NOT my strong point, sadly) block printing, and Christmas cracker making-as well as plenty of mulled wine and turkey sandwiches, and of course lots of Christmas music. We got to try different Viking products whilst doing our crafting (I am a fan of the calligraphy pens, even though I’m rubbish at it, it was down to lack of skill on my part not the tools provided) and my Cactus print folder has taken pride of place in my home office. I even brought my stamp home and stamped two boxes I had, and both the books I use for my photography portfolios. Cactus print is everywhere in my office and it looks so professional, I had a lot of fun doing it too-thanks, Viking, for inspiring that extra crafting when I got home.

Bloggers working on calligraphy at Viking Arty Party

Printed folders at the Viking Arty Party

Laura working on printing at the Viking Arty Party

I can honestly say this was one of my favourite events in ages. It was nice to have an event where the focus was on doing something but we were also able to chat to the other Leeds Bloggers and catch up-as it’s so rare we do this and it’s really difficult if we’re in a bar with loud music. And to top it off, Viking sent us home with a wrapped present each-containing some of their pens and a cup to decorate. Although, sadly, I made a real hash of mine and it went in the bin. Boo.

A big thank you to Viking for such a lovely event, and to Matt Chappell for all of the photos in this post.

Are you crafty? Would you enjoy an event like the Viking Arty Party?



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