*Vinyl Clocks Review

A few weeks ago I was asked if I fancied being sent a clock from Vinyl Clocks to review for you guys. I had a look on their website and loved what I saw so of course I wanted to try one for myself. Sometimes with things like this you order and then realise they’re really flimsy and not at all worth the money so I was a bit apprehensive, but when my clock arrived I was so happy with it. Here’s my honest Vinyl Clocks review.

The packing of the clock I was sent for my Vinyl Clocks review

I’d been asked to suggest some of my favourite bands and artists and though I didn’t list the artist I was sent, I’m not sure WHY as I do love his music. Haydy, who’d arranged this for me, did SUCH a good job choosing. My girl knows me well!

From the moment I got this out of the box, my Mum was very excited. She kept telling me how it’s a brilliant idea, she thinks she’ll have one in the kitchen, and then she took a zillion photos to put on her Instagram. Mum never likes anything I get sent to review so we’re definitely on to a winner here. And once my Dad came home he loved it too-he’s more into music than Mum, so I knew he’d like it. Big thumbs up all round!

Inside of the box I was sent for my Vinyl Clocks review

I was sent the Ed Sheeran-Thinking Out Loud clock. At just £22.95 this is one of the cheaper clocks on the site (they go up to about £45 depending on the size and the rarity, I presume, of the LP) and I think it’s definitely worth the price tag-you can spend £10 on a generic clock from any homeware store, this one is special. I found lots on the website that meant something to either me or a friend, if you could find out what someone’s first dance was going to be this would make THE BEST wedding gift. Imagine how much a couple would love to hang that on their wall!

The clock I was sent for my Vinyl Clocks review

I’ll definitely be buying one of these clocks for presents in the future, they’re such a great idea for a very personal, thoughful gift. I’m so glad I agreed to write this Vinyl Clocks review.

The clock I was sent for my Vinyl Clocks review

*This clock was sent to me by Vinyl Clocks in return for an honest review. All thoughts, words and opinions are my own.


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