Waiting For A Diagnosis

Regular readers of Inside Laura’s Head may remember when I was diagnosed with a Vitamin D Deficiency, and how rubbish I was feeling around that time. I’ve not talked about it much on here since and the main reason for that is I’m really not feeling any better-in fact I’d say I’m worse. Weirdly, though, my Vitamin D levels are now fine. I’m currently back and forth to the doctors, waiting for a diagnosis or at least some progress towards one, and its frustrating, not to mention scary. In my personal opinion (I’m no doctor, but I have read a hell of a lot of information from reputable sources) I think it’s sounding like I have Fibromyalgia, and I’m finding it difficult trying to live my normal life without making too many allowances for my pain, because right now I don’t know if I should be.

Sunset over Halifax, West Yorkshire

Every day I have joint pain, ranging in severity depending on what hours I’ve worked in my Call Centre job and whether I’ve done anything like go shopping or take the dog out. I often have brain fog-what some people would refer to as blonde moments, when I forgot the word I’m looking for or read numbers out incorrectly. The scariest example of this was the day I forgot how clocks work and tried to leave work an hour early-funny, maybe, but terrifying when it’s happening to me. I also feel dizzy, a lot, I’m always tired despite getting as much sleep as I can, and often can’t sleep when I really need to because the pain is bad. There’s a fair few other things going on too, that I’m not sure whether they’re related or not, but can be symptoms of Fibromyalgia-like painful periods, for example, and IBS.

Even though I’m still waiting for a diagnosis I am trying to be sensible about how I go about my life at the moment. Little things like walking down three flights of stairs at work is painful, so if I’m going down more than one floor I get the lift. I try to get 8 hours sleep a night so that any tiredness is clearly a symptom, not just from not having enough sleep, and I’m avoiding naps. I also write things down a lot so I don’t forget. Fingers crossed I soon will have a diagnosis and some form of treatment to help me manage these things in the future, but for now-if you don’t see me around social media as much, this will be the reason.


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