Weekly Roundup #1


So, after spending the last few weeks enjoying reading other bloggers’ weekly round up posts, I’ve finally decided that I need to be doing these sort of posts myself. But, I’m going to do mine on a Wednesday (because Wednesday is hump day, the middle of the week, downhill to the weekend) and because it’s my blog and I can do what I want. So there!


Wednesday saw me at my weekly pole dancing class, where I managed a few half decent attempts at the basic spin I’ve been trying to master since starting 8 weeks ago-hooray. We then learnt a dance routine to Thriller. A perfect Halloween themed night.


Thursday was an evening spent with an old friend who I’ve recently reconnected with. I think we were on totally seperate pages regarding what was going on, but we’ve straightened that out and I’m glad he’s back in my life.


Friday was dance’s Halloween party. I dressed up as a witch (complete with green face) and headed over with my friend Nat. We had a lovely night chatting to some of the girls from our class and getting to know them a bit better-I can’t wait to continue nourishing these friendships.



Saturday I headed to Leeds to meet my friend Claire.  We tried Five Guys for tea (yum!) and then decided to go and see Suffragette-and as we had an hour to kill before the film we had a wander round Ikea. I grabbed some Acrylic Storage which will be featured in a future post about my makeup storage.



Sunday ended up being a chilled day-I had made plans to head to Redcar for the day and take lots of photos but the friend I was going with isn’t well, so we’ve agreed to reschedule. Instead I had a day of blogging and tidying and lots of singing along to Heat Radio. Bliss.


Monday I had a days work! I know, I was excited too. Stupid unemployment, boo hiss. Anyway, I was back at the place I temped at for three months to cover the receptionists holiday. I’ve only been away for two weeks so I felt like I’d never left and it was really nice to catch up with all the lovely people I worked with there. Miss you guys, if anyone is reading this (Gill!)


Tuesday saw me being stood up-by the job centre! When even THEY are cancelling plans on you you know you’ve got problems. I also headed to a new agency to sign up and register with them. Here’s hoping they find me some work quickly, I’m so bored of being unemployed. I also (very briefly) saw the friend-who’s-back-in-my-life as I gave him a lift home. Then we had a VERY awkward text conversation whereby I realised I was definitely reading too much into things and we are totally just friends. Bit sad about this but hey, it happens-and at least he was honest. I think we’ll still be friends, I hope so-he’s important to me.


Wednesday’s words of wisdom: There are no better friends than the ones you can talk about absolutely anything with. Extra points for sending them belfies (thats bum selfies, for the uninitiated!) so that they can check you look smoking hot before you send it to a Tinder guy. (Disclaimer-this was not me, although Kudos to the girl body confident enough to do so) When you find these friends, keep them close. JDL girls-you rock.



I wonder what the next week will bring for me?


What’ve you been up to this past week?


Laura xx


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