What happens when…you get married


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Meet this week’s Guest Poster!

Samantha   Do head over and check her out-once you’ve read this post, of course!

What happens when… you get married?

Whether you’ve dreamed about it since you were a little girl, you’ve turned into a bridezilla or you’re a super chilled out bride, your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. Here’s what to expect when you get married.

It goes quickly

I’ve been married almost a year now which is testament to how quick it goes – it feels like yesterday we were planning the flowers, the table plan, etc. The day itself literally flies by – it feels like one minute you’re saying your vows and the next you’re heading up to bed. You feel like you haven’t spoken to enough people or spent enough time with the people that matter. Afterwards, you can barely remember any details of the day – even if you haven’t been drinking.

Try to make the most of every moment and take a minute to yourself to breathe and take everything in.


You find out who your friends are

During the planning stages you really find out who cares about you. It’s a stressful time and so you want lots of help from your nearest and dearest and there are some that will be texting you every day to ask if you need any help with anything whereas others will not be seen for weeks.

Also, you’ll find out about long standing family feuds when your parents look through the table plan – “You can’t sit Uncle Bill anywhere near Grandma – they don’t get on!”


You’ll think nothing of dropping £1,000 on flowers

Weddings are ridiculously expensive and I mean ridiculous. When I think back to how much we spent on ours, I always think about what else we could have spent that money on – it’s only one day! BUT it will be one of the most important days of your life so you might as well get exactly what you want. Our extras included a harpist and a vintage sweet cart.

You’ll fall in love all over again

image0542 (1)

You go to some weddings and they’re all about the show. Ours was all about how much we love each other and every single person wrote in our guest book that it was easy to see how much in love we were. When you get married, it’s as if your relationship starts all over again. You’re now an official team and this renewed sense of having someone there for you 100% is amazing. From the first kiss to the first dance, you realise there’s absolutely no one else who you’ll feel this way about ever again and it feels like you’re the only two people in the world who exist.


I’ve been lucky enough to meet Samantha at a blogger event, and this post has really moved me-especially with the addition of those beautiful photos. What a gorgeous couple!

Laura xx

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