What happens when…you go for a bikini wax?


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What happens when you go for a bikini wax?

According to UKMedix survey, 51% of women in the UK have never had a bikini wax.

Coming from a country a little (OK, a lot) warmer than the UK where you need to be beach-ready nearly 24/7, bikini waxes are almost a basic necessity for me.

Having been waxing my bikini area for almost 6 years now, even I have to admit that hair removal is not the most pleasant of activities, but once you go wax, you never go back.

What types of treatment are there?

Not all waxing treatments are created equal. However, I can assure you that there is a treatment to meet everyone’s wants and needs. Here are just some you can choose from:

Basic bikini wax: This is a good place to start if you are a wax virgin. A bikini wax will clear up any hair that would be showing around your bikini bottoms.

Brazilian wax: A Brazilian removes all the hair from the front and back, leaving only a small strip at the front. You can also get creative with this treatment and exchange your strip for another shape (e.g. an inverted triangle, a star, a lightning bolt)

Hollywood wax: A Hollywood removes absolutely everything from the front and back. Personally, this is my favourite treatment as the leaves me the most confident – no matter what type of underwear or bikini bottom I choose, I will never have to worry about a slip.

Las Vegas, etc: Here is where waxing gets creative. A Las Vegas adds a few personal extras to your Brazilian or Hollywood by either changing the shape or colour of the hair left behind or by adding a little bling down there with some stick-on rhinestones.

So, what can you expect?

Before the big day: Do not remove any hair from the area before your treatment. You hair needs to be at least ¼’’ long for the wax to hold on to it. Do not go tanning within 24 hours of your appointment – this will leave the area too sensitive for waxing. Also, you might want to exfoliate the area to help lift any ingrown hairs and get a smoother result.

Getting started: After being led to a private room, you will be asked to remove your bottoms, and possibly your underwear. Some salons will provide disposable underwear for the duration of the treatment while others will work around what you are already wearing.

Be precise: You will very likely have to tell your therapist exactly how much hair you want removed and left, and where. This is to ensure that you don’t end up with something you don’t like.

Cleaning up: Wearing gloves, your therapist will apply melted wax onto the area. This should be warm, but not too hot (let them know if it is!). After giving it a few seconds to dry, the wax will be tugged off in one sharp pull. Especially in such a delicate area of the body, wax should not be applied twice to the same spot, so the therapist might have to go over the area with tweezers if there are any small hairs left behind. Depending on what treatment you chose, your therapist might have to get up close and personal with your vagina, and might even have to adjust your labia – uncomfortable but necessary to ensure than you don’t leave with any burns in the area.

Post-treatment care: Your therapist will advise you on this. This usually includes no sunbathing or sunbeds, no hot baths/showers, and no exfoliating for the next few days, as your skin will probably be slightly red and sensitive after the treatment.

For the gents: Although this article has been mainly aimed at women, don’t forget that waxing is for the gentlemen too. More and more men have turned to waxing as a means of grooming their bodies. Male treatments are likely to include Speedo waxes, Front Pubic waxes, and the complete Buttocks, Sack & Crack wax.

Now that you know what happens, beware that there are good waxing treatments and bad waxing treatments. Especially if this is your first time, please go to a proper salon that specialises in bikini waxes. These are usually more expensive, but you really get what you paid for. No matter how tempting it is, don’t get a wax in just any multi-purpose salon just because it is cheaper – you will pay the difference in pain, believe me.

I have personally never had a bikini wax so I found this post fascinating. Who knew what a Las Vegas was?

Let me know in the comments below what you thought of this post.

Laura xx 

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