What happens when…you go to a festival


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What happens when… you go to a festival?

What happens when you go to a festival

This summer marks my eighth year of festival going which in itself is scary stuff. Over these years I have learnt quite a lot of things, and I still remember my first festival back in 2008 where I took way too much stuff, but was still underprepared.

Reading Festival on August bank holiday marks the end of summer camping festivals for me and with so many youngsters heading to this festival after collecting their GCSE and A Level results, but the likelihood is a lot of these first timers are unprepared for festivals.

You need to prepare yourself for being pushed, extensively searched as you enter the arena, being charged £2.50 for a bottle of water, not getting a good night’s’ sleep and sleeping in a pool of water if you opt for a pop up tent. But you should also prepare yourself to see some of your favourite bands, dance in a field with your friends, enjoy some sunshine (hopefully) and make some memories which will last you until the following year’s festival!

As you arrive…..

The likelihood is you won’t arrive the day the music starts so you’ll have time to spare and set up your camp. When choosing a camping space ensure you aren’t too close to toilets (they will smell over the weekend!), you aren’t at the bottom of a hill (if it rains you’re in for trouble) and try to camp near something recogniseable (a flag/ unusual tent etc so at night you can find your tent easier).

Once you’ve chosen a camping spot it’s time to put up your tent and begin your weekend of fun. This day before music tends to be when people drink far too much alcohol – because let’s face it there’s not too much else to do – but don’t go overboard. The last thing you want to do is wake up on the morning of the first day of music and feel so bad that you miss things!

Today is your day for relaxation as you’ll be on your feet for most of the days the music is playing so relax and enjoy the atmosphere, and hopefully the sunshine! But be prepared for campside chants, that drunk people who can’t find his tent and perfecting the toilet hover!

When the music begins….

When the days of music arrive this will be when it hits you quite how many people are there. When you’re camping you see who’s in your area but standing at a stage watching your favourite band you’ll notice the thousands of people. Always try to stick with friends, and if you do go your separate ways arrange a time and place to meet back up. I’d always suggest buying a portable phone charger so you can always contact people but remember texts sometimes take hours to send when there’s a lot of people!

You will be on your feet all day so make sure you wear comfortable shoes, and DO NOT opt for flip flops or sandals how ever sunny it is because your feet will get trampled on and they will ache!

As well as the music- which will usually be spread across a few stages- festivals provide you with a whole community. Check out the stalls selling clothing, jewellery and other festival trinkets, the official merchandise stand and the array of food stalls. Food and drink is more expensive at a festival than back home, but if you’re going to eat you’ll want to eat well.

When it’s time to go home….

After a few days of camping and seeing music you’ll likely be yearning for a shower and your own bed but you have one final hurdle to get through and that’s the final day of a festival. While some people tend to leave on the Sunday evening of a festival – something i’ve done for years!- when you do leave you have to make some difficult decisions. Do you take everything home with you?! I don’t like leaving things behind, but when you’ve got to get everything back to your car/ the coach/ the train really think hard about whether you’re going to need those few cans you didn’t drink, or those muddy plimsolls that will just go in the bin when you get home.

Well done you’ve survived a festival, and we’re sure you’ll be back for more!

Oh my god, this post really makes me want to go to a festival-it’s definitely on my bucket list!

Laura xx

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