What happens when…you lose self confidence


This is the seventh post in my ‘What happens when…’ series. This series is running every Wednesday on Inside Laura’s Head for as long as I have posts. The series will be written by me, and also by guest posters. Posts can be on anything as long as they fit the ‘What happens when…’ title. If you have an idea and would like to guest post on Inside Laura’s Head, you can  e-mail me at insidelaurashead@hotmail.com – all ideas are welcomed. Look out for more ‘What happens when…’ posts.

Meet this week’s Guest Poster!

Jeanne is the blogger behind Jane Curtain. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, as well as on the links below. This girl has a HUGE online presence! Go check her out-once you’ve read her post, of course!





What happens when…you lose self confidence

Life is made of ups and downs and everybody has ever experienced failures, even the most successful people ! Let’s think about that : failures bring improvement and make us work even harder ! However, it might happen that too many failures causes a loss of confidence. Here my 4 best mantras in order to strengthen your self-confidence :

1- Never compare yourself to anyone in the world. Each human being possesses his/her own qualities and personal experiences. We should all make the best of your skills instead of competing with others. Focus on yourself !
2- Feed your ambition by always finding new challenges and keeping yourself busy. Try to build the best CV in the world. Don’t be afraid to meet people and to take risks. Be careful not to stay in front of your computer and only live under your virtual profile : open your door and go to town, observe, understand, go to events and make new contacts !
3- Feed your motivation thanks to several tips : a playlist of inspirational songs (Born this Way – Lady Gaga / Go Ahead – Alicia Keys / Heavy Cross – Gossip), #motivationalquotes on Twitter or the website of Jack Canfield. Read books about successful stories and watch biopics ! Then, always tell yourself : Why Not Me ?
4- Observe, Listen and Learn. Be realistic and keep in mind that all victories hides hours of works. Look at the feet of a ballerina and you will understand. For this, my best advice would be to watch Ted Videos and specialised press, it’s more useful than losing your time on social networks !
I think we can all relate a little bit to this post. Thanks for this, Jeanne. 

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