What happens when… you fall asleep?


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Meet this week’s Guest Poster!


 Daisie is the blogger behind The Inside and Out. She’s also on Twitter. Go check her out! (After reading this post, of course!)

She says:Hi my name is Cerys-Mai (real name is Daisie) and I’m currently in my second year of University studying Psychology! My blog has reviews of beauty products, tips for being a student, any experiences I have come across whilst living away from home and some psychological topics for the inquisitive individuals out there.

If you’re anything like me, your bed is your true love. In fact, the average person spends 25 years sleeping!

What is the actual point of sleeping?

Well, sleep allows your body to repair any damaged tissue and consolidates any information you have learnt that day, which is done through dreaming.

Most people will dream 6-8 times each night during a stage of sleep called REM (rapid eye movement). There are 5 stages in the sleep cycle. The first two stages are that light stage where you’re drifting off, the third stage is where people experience falling and your body becomes paralyzed, stage four is your deep sleep where it is very difficult to wake someone up and the fifth is called REM. From this the cycle will then move back to stage four, then three, two and then back all the way down until it gets for stage five again. This cycle takes about 90 minutes and repeats itself until you wake up.

Now REM, is probably the most interesting part of the sleep cycle as your eyes really do move! It is also where sleep walking comes in. Usually at stage three, your body becomes paralysed however if it doesn’t an individual will experience acting out their dreams. FYI If you’re studying for a test make sure you get at least 8 hours as this is also the stage where your brain will store information you have learnt that day and de-clutter any information you don’t need such as the colour of shoes your friend was wearing.

Babies sleep the most because they need to learn a lot more information. Additionally, teenagers need more sleep than adults due to entering puberty because the body needs to spend that time growing and repairing the muscles. Which is why teenagers can spend up to 10 hours sleeping. Whereas your grandma’s and your grandpa’s will spend around 4 hours sleeping and even less time in the REM stage, which is why they are a lot more fragile and can catch illnesses easier.

What happens if you don’t sleep?  

Well if you manage to go 24 hours without sleep, your brain goes into danger mode as it thinks that the reason why you haven’t slept is because there’s a predator nearby. So because of danger mode, you start to become anxious, paranoid and can interpret anything as a threat, even your cat who keep staring at you. So maybe that all-nighter isn’t such a great idea…  Not only this but the longer you go without sleep the worse it will become. Memory and speech are the next to go and several days later hallucinations will appear and any cognitive functions will start to become worse and worse. But good news, if you go too long with no sleep it can also kill you! Oh wait. That’s not good news at all…maybe I need to go grab some sleep.

Well I hope you didn’t fall asleep during this post. Leave a comment below with the weirdest dream you have had and I will speak to you soon!


Well, I really enjoyed this post. Perhaps it’s a sign I need to get some more sleep!! Seriously though, I was lucky enough to meet Daisie at a Blogger Meet up at the weekend (total coincidence, this post was written and scheduled before I even knew she was going) and she’s so lovely, as a new blogger I’m so glad she’s guest posted for me. Please do head over and check her blog, she has some fascinating posts.

Laura xx

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