Spending 4 Hours In Manchester


Imagine being laid on the grass in the sunshine, it’s peaceful but very noisy-children playing in the small park, lots of people talking in many different languages, laughter. There’s a band playing at one end (old Beatles hits, mainly) and a drummer at the other end. You can hear the chants of ‘Free free Palestine’ from a demo going on. (Great cause, by the way)

That was the start of my day out in Manchester. I’m now writing this post sat in Ziferblat, the cafe I was in last week for the Bloggers Market. I love it here and would definitely visit often if it was closer to home.

Today’s day out is for no other reason than me and Michael (my boyfriend) fancied doing something different. Manchester is fairly in the middle of us (he’s North Wales, I’m West Yorkshire) and so we both jumped on a train.

We actually had a day full of not doing very much. I’d intended to go on the Manchester Wheel, but due to the gorgeous weather we didn’t find the time! A lot of time was spent sat on the grass people watching, and playing with my new selfie stick that Michael bought me.


Also, drinking Very Berry Cherry Iced Lemonade from Burger King-very very nice!

Visiting Ziferblat happened when I fancied a cup of tea (and needed to charge my phone!) and I also headed to Primark, where I was impressed to see that the items I see other bloggers buying and can never find, were in fact there. Unfortunately I only had a mini haul due to finances but once I’m sorted, I will be back!

Here’s what I bought:


Essentials that I always buy from Primark-Insoles, Heel Shields, a Foot File and a Nail File. You can see the prices in the photo.


This lovely wall hanging, which is actually for my best friend-it’s so very her. (For obvious reasons I’m not writing the price of this!)


A pretty black, lace edged vest top-adding an edge to a classic. £3, what a bargain.


Beautiful Flamingo and Palm Tree print mirror for my handbag. £1!


I LOVE this chunky gold Palm Tree Necklace. £3 and will add some fun to an otherwise boring outfit.


Who doesn’t need a dog notepad? I’m tempted to use this at work and for £1 it doesn’t break the bank.


I’ve been wanting to try an eye mask for a while, to see if it helps me to sleep. This cat one was £1.50.


I’ve never seen these in Primark before. Now I do my own Shellac nails, I needed something like this.


Another thing I’ve not seen in Primark before. £2 for a brush cleanser is great value, if it’s decent I’ll be buying more.


These two little lunch boxes are really cute and I’ll use them often. £2 for 2!


These are obviously a copy of a Yankee type candle. They smell BEAUTIFUL and for £1 each I grabbed two of the three scents (the other I hated)  if the scent spreads as well as Yankee I will buy the larger jars of these.

What’ve you been up to today? Have you found any gorgeous Primark items recently?

Laura xx



  1. April 19, 2015 / 2:31 pm

    Hi Andrea. Thanks for your comment-it’s nice to hear you enjoyed my post and that you’ll are following me.

    I don’t make those bracelets, I just bought one. Here is the place that me and Jemma bought them from-I asked for mine to sale #FBLblogger and the lady who makes them was more than happy to help. Super quick service too and a very good price. https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/BespokeBracelets

    Primark had LOADS I could’ve bought, I’m so going back soon! I’ll definitely do the wheel at some point and can you recommend anymore must visits in Manchester?

    I will check your blog out later too.

    Thanks for our support.

    Laura x

    • April 20, 2015 / 1:51 am

      Hi Laura, Oh okay thanks for sending me the link for the bracelet. I know when I go to Primark I always spend more then I should. I miss the Primark in Manchester I live in Preston now and it’s so tiny. You will really enjoy the wheel :-). It really depends what your into they have an art gallery in the town centre that’s worth checking out on the outkirts of Manchester City Centre they have a Fashion Museum if your into Fashion. Here is a link http://www.timeout.com/manchester/museums/gallery-of-costume
      Christmas is the best time in Manchester though for the Christmas Markets I’m hoping to go again this year.


  2. Alex Quinn
    April 21, 2015 / 1:05 pm

    I love being in Manchester when its sunny – its so lovely. Looks like you had a great time and even picked up some goodies! 🙂
    Great post.
    Alex // http://www.prettythoughtsx.blogspot.co.uk

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