*What I Keep In My Car

As someone who’s been driving a long time, I basically live out of my car. There’s all sorts of stuff in there but there’s a few important things that stay, even when I clean out the spare shoes and half read magazines. Here’s what I keep in my car.

An Emergency Kit

I worked in car insurance for 6 years so I know firsthand how annoying it is when someone has a crash and has no way of giving their details to the other person. My emergency kit actually came from a Volvo training day at work and contains a pen and paper, a measuring tape to measure the length of dents, and a disposable camera to take photos of damage and vehicle position. I hope to never need this, but it’s stayed with me through three different cars and will always stay in my glove box.

My Spare Tyre

So many people don’t have a spare tyre. Please, please make sure if your car comes with one, that it stays with your car. I’ve needed mine a couple of times and would have been stuck at the roadside without it.

A £10 Note

Hidden in a safe place, if I ever run out of fuel, need to buy a coffee on a long drive or there’s another emergency, that £10 note will be so so useful.

Food And Water

I have a couple of two litre bottles of water, in case I break down or get stuck in nightmare, 6 hour tailback traffic. I also have cereal bars, because they last ages and would provide a much needed boost if I was stuck.

Comfy Shoes

Once in a while, the shoes you wear to somewhere really hurt your feet. I’m not comfortable driving in shoes that are really hurting so I keep an emergency pair of comfortable flats in the boot, just in case.

A Warm Coat

I was massively grateful for this when my car broke down at the side of the motorway in the winter. I had to get out of the car and stand at the other side of the barrier-completely fine and completely sensible, but I was there for two hours and without the coat I would have been freezing.

What do you keep in your car?

*This post was written in collaboration with cars.com. All thoughts, words and opinions are my own.


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