What’s for tea tonight? I cooked! (and a goodbye)


This is a mish mash of two posts, because I couldn’t not post the second part.

I cooked!

Since moving back in with my parents I rarely get chance to cook-simply because I arrive home from work and my Mum has made tea, so I eat it. So today, after my Grandads funeral (goodbyes are so hard, aren’t they?) I had an epic 4 hour nap (no sleep last night plus Koppaberg at the gathering will make you sleepy!) then got up at 7 and cooked!

Herby Turkey, Cheese and Garlic Burgers

I’m very much a ‘chuck it all in and see’ type of cook, and so there are no quantities for this. It’s minced Turkey, with herbs sprinkled liberally, garlic granules and grates cheese added, then an egg yolk to bind it all together. Make into balls, flatten, then fry in a pan until cooked through.

I WAS going to make home-made wedges to go with it but today has been a hard day, so I went for oven chips instead!

Goodbye Mick

Today was my Grandad’s funeral. I knew him as Mick-he felt he wasn’t old enough to be Grandad when I was born. He died two and a half weeks ago, suddenly, and he felt no pain-something we take comfort from.

Goodbye, Mick. The world will be a sadder place without you in it.

Laura xx


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