What’s Next For Inside Laura’s Head?

If you’re a regular reader of Inside Laura’s Head you’ll probably know I’ve been job hunting¬†recently, and I’ve actually got a new job I started a couple of months ago now. Making the decision to move from full time freelancer back to a full time job, with freelancing on the side, was a big one, and I’ve been doing quite a bit of soul searching about what Inside Laura’s Head is going to look like going forward. It’s pretty clear that dropping from working 50+ hours a week to around 20 on my little corner of the internet means that some things will have to give but I’m hoping that with intense organisation I can keep things like promotion, a regular posting schedule and engaging with other bloggers high on my agenda. I’ve spent the last eight months doing A LOT of work behind the scenes-things like changing categories, improving the SEO on all of my old posts, and planning future content-and this will all be really helpful as I start to get used to my new normal. And, right now, it seems as good a time as ever to have a real think about what I want to do with Inside Laura’s Head.

I’m mostly writing this post because it’s all going round in my head, and so getting things down on paper is helpful to me. These posts are among my favourite to read from other people too so I hope you guys enjoy this one.


You may have noticed that I now have only four main categories on my menu bar at the top of the page: Leeds, Food, Travel and Lifestyle. Because I talk about this space as ‘a Leeds based food, travel and lifestyle blog’ I wanted to really focus on the Food and Travel parts of that. Lifestyle is staying, as this gives me the freedom to write whatever I fancy (like this post!) but I want 80% of my content going forward to be either Food or Travel related. This might link in to other categories that fall under Lifestyle-for example I have a whats in my travel makeup bag post planned, as well as some holiday fashion posts-but most of what you’re going to start to see will be related to my two main loves. This might not be an immediate change, but certainly by the blog’s fourth birthday in August you’ll really see a difference.

Sponsored/Collaborative work

During my time freelancing I’ve taken on some content that I’ve enjoyed writing, but doesn’t fit in with my main categories. I’m not apologising for this-I believe everything I agree to is of interest to my readers and there is no shame in taking on paid work simply because you need the money-but as I get settled into my new job and so more stable financially, I am going to start to be more picky about what work I take on. The main reason for that is there’s now people out there who could probably use that work more than I can, and so if I say no thank you to a post, someone else can write it instead. I’ll be trying to pass brands and PRs on to other bloggers I think would be perfect for them, where possible, rather than just saying no to the work-it’s always kind to say ‘X is really good at this niche, maybe try them’.

I’m also going to get braver in pitching, and pitch to one or two brands a month I would LOVE to work with. I’d like to secure myself some more food reviews, some hotel reviews and travel content in general-so if you’re a brand reading this thinking that sounds like you then please pop me an e-mail over.


Twitter seems to be changing how they’re dealing with people promoting their posts, and it sounds like my current method of scheduling, whilst it’s working really well for me NOW, might not work long term. I’ll therefore be looking at other ways to promote my work-including using Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and utilising my blog Facebook page more. I’ll also be trying to use Instagram, especially stories, as much as I want to. My hope is that I can use my lunch break for some promotion, freeing up my evenings and weekends for writing. Watch this space.

Engaging with other bloggers

This is the thing that’s worrying me the most, if I’m honest. It’s been easy to drop the ball on this when I have all the time in the world, so when I’m time limited I feel like I’ll really struggle to do as much as I’d like. I’ll be working out exactly how best to deal with this one as I go but for now, I’m in the habit of watching everyone’s Insta stories when I wake up and when I go to bed, and I’ll keep doing this. I hope to dedicate one night a week to simply reading and commenting on other blogs, and I’m going to start engaging with peoples Facebook posts when they pop up in my feed. If I can fit in a twitter chat or two once a week as well, that should really help me to feel I’m still engaging with readers and other bloggers and after all, that’s what it’s all about.

I’m hoping these changes are going to make me a happier blogger and help Inside Laura’s Head to grow. I’ve come so far in the last four years, from nothing to earning money from my little space on the internet and by my fifth birthday who knows where I’ll be?



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