*When You’re Bored Of Tinder

As a single, 30 year old woman, of course I have some of the dating apps on my phone. I don’t often bother with them but recently have decided to give Tinder a serious go (mainly because I wanted to write a post about it!) Spending more time on Tinder, though, reminded me why I’m so over it. Yes, I am officially bored of tinder, and here’s why.

People match and don’t speak

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting that ‘you’ve matched with Steve’ notification, spending ten minutes sending a carefully worded first message based on the two lines on his profile and the three selfies he has up there with his dog, and then never getting a response. What even. I think some people like to collect matches to do nothing with.

People match, start to speak then disappear

You’re talking to someone, getting on well and start to think this could have potential. Then they ask something innocent like ‘how’s your day been?’ and you give a two line answer that you’ve been fairly busy but had a really productive day-and then they unmatch you. What were they expecting? Next time I’m tempted to make up this really ridiculous adventure I’ve had and see if it gets a better response.

Everyone has a shirtless selfie, a selfie with a drugged tiger, a photo with a dog, and a photo with a child

Where is the originality? I want to see something about YOU. Show me you doing your hobby, in your favourite place, with your friends-something everyone else doesn’t have.

No one bothers to fill in their profile

So you have to decide if you’re interested in someone based on knowing nothing at all about them. I’m not a fan of that, I like at least a few bits of information about people to know if they’re my sort of person or not. Write a few lines, people!

I really think I’m going to be getting rid of these sites, but this doesn’t have to be the end for me dating, If, like me, you’re bored of tinder, help is at hand. There are plenty of websites for people wanting to find the one, whether they are sorted by age like senior dating, or location like Glasgow dating agencyLincolnshire dating agencyStrathclyde dating, and Jersey dating. Thank goodness I can delete Tinder!

*This is a collaborative post which I’ve been paid to write. All thoughts, words and opinions are my own.


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