Whiskey In The Jar Wroclaw Review

When I booked Wroclaw, I asked other bloggers who’d been for food and drink recommendations. Kirsty suggested Whiskey In The Jar, on Market Square, and when I realised just how close to my hotel it was I knew I had to go.  I thought I’d write about my experience, so this post is my Whiskey In The Jar Wroclaw review for you. If you’re ever in the city, I’d recommend going-this post was written off my own back and I paid for my meal, so it’s written simply because I enjoyed myself.

Bar of Whiskey In The Jar, Wroclaw

Whiskey In The Jar is an American themed restaurant known for it’s steak and cocktails, so of course that’s what I had. The cocktail menu had lots of options, from Whiskey based to mocktails, as well as traditional cocktails like a Cosmopolitan. I ended up having three, because the first one, quite strong, gave me the taste for a second, and the second made me think a third was a good idea. The third made me slightly wobbly on my feet when I walked back to the hotel-so if you go, bear in mind you’ll end up drunker than you do at home.

My steak was perfectly cooked to my choice (medium rare) and the blue cheese sauce I chose was delicious. The chips were well cooked and very chunky, the very best kind of chips. Staff were attentive and service was quick, and it didn’t matter that I hadn’t booked a table. Sadly I wasn’t able to sit outside, though, which I would have liked.

Steak and Chips at Whiskey In The Jar, Wroclaw

Cocktail at Whiskey In The Jar, Wroclaw

Cocktail at Whiskey In The Jar, Wroclaw

Cocktail at Whiskey In The Jar, Wroclaw

Wall inside Whiskey In The Jar, Wroclaw

My meal at Whiskey In The Jar (steak and chips with additional sauce, and three cocktails) cost me about £30, which I didn’t think was too bad. I was there around an hour and a half, although I could have stayed longer as they weren’t trying to rush me, I just felt a bit on edge as this as my first dining alone abroad experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back, though, and try some more of those cocktails.

Would you try Whiskey In The Jar if you were in Wroclaw?


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