Why this weekend’s ‘haul’ was tinned fruit and UHT milk


Today I went to one shop only-Tesco. I spent £10 more than I could really afford to spend-what else is new. And I left with nothing to show for that money. Why, I hear you ask?

Because, Tesco had a collection for a food bank. Now, I HATE, really hate that we have food banks in this country in 2015. I don’t believe we should NEED food banks in order for people to eat. However-I know we DO need them and I know they do an amazing amazing job. I hate their existence but am eternally grateful for the work they do.

I am worried that with 5 more years of the Tory cuts, we will have more and more people turning to food banks for help. I am worried that demand will outweigh supply and that the food banks will run out of food and willing volunteers. I am saddened that if I wasn’t living with my parents right now, as someone on minimum wage, I would most likely be at my local food bank regularly. I am very grateful that I was able to fall back on my parents when my bad spell started, and because I am so lucky I am going to make sure I use some of that luck to help my local food bank more often. This week I will contact them and offer my services as a volunteer, and a direct debit of as much as I can spare each month. Oh, and I will continue to donate sweets and biscuits as well as the essentials-because why should someone who is struggling not be able to have a treat-they bloody deserve it!
Laura xx


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