*Why You Need A Solicitor If You’re Divorcing

Recently quite a few of my friends have got engaged or married, and I’m so pleased for them. I’m looking forward to watching their relationship go from strength to strength, to seeing their family grow if they want that, to watching them get a pet if they want,  and just to seeing them be happy. I hope one day I meet someone I want to marry, too. We live in hope! Sadly, though, other friends are divorcing.
If you’re married, or getting married (or indeed in a relationship and hoping to get married in the future) I’m sure you’re hoping for that fairytale ending we all dream of. No one goes into a marriage planning for it to end, but sometimes that does happen. It’s sad and it’s stressful and it’s difficult to deal with (and I wouldn’t know where to start!) but I’ve had friends who’ve needed to divorce-whether it was because the relationship just didn’t work and everything was amicable, or whether someone had done something wrong-sometimes with children involved and sometimes not. Each one has been similar in that it’s been a logistical nightmare to sort things out. And that’s where a good divorce lawyer comes in.
I have friends who have divorced but who co-parent amazingly, who split their belongings down the middle, calmly agreed who’d keep what and made the very best out of a bad situation-but they still didn’t know where they stood legally with the house and maintenance. I also have friends who’ve had the messiest divorce ever who REALLY needed that legal advice. I think it’s massively important that you both know where you stand, that no one loses something they put in and that you’re both able, as much as possible, to start again in a new home.
I was in a serious relationship when I was younger. We lived together, I paid all of the bills from my account (he was supposed to pay me his half but rarely did) I worked overtime a lot to cover the shortfall while he spent his money in the pub, and I drove him everywhere. Had we been married, and had a mortgage rather than renting, I have no doubt I would have really struggled leaving that relationship, financially. I would definitely have left with nothing, probably with a ton of debt from trying to pay off his debts and therefore increasing my overdraft to do so. I would definitely have needed to see a solicitor and get some legal advice.
If the worst happens, to you or to your family or friends-please do suggest they get legal advice. It’s protecting both parties. It is best to find a local solicitor so you can discuss face to face rather than over the phone. One of the divorce solicitors in Leeds also provides a wealth of information on their website online to questions you have beforehand, too.
Have you been through a divorce?
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