*Why You Should Buy Your Home Heating Oil in Summer

When you’re in the middle of a long, hot summer like the one we’re having now, the very last thing you’re thinking about is autumn and winter. Summer is, though, the best time to think about the colder weather because it’s the best time to prepare for it. This post talks about why you should buy your home heating oil in summer.

If you’ve been using heating oil for a while, you’ll know how much the prices fluctuate, depending on political events, currency exchange rates, whether there’s restrictions on production and, of course, supply and demand. Most of these fluctuations are unpredictable, but one dead cert is that heating oil prices fall during the summer. No matter how high or low they are at the time, once the temperatures go up, the costs come down. 

Get your supply in as early as possible 

Of course, this doesn’t mean January or February, because it’s still a bit nippy out there then… If you start thinking about your supersaveroil.ie order in May or June, then you’ll be able to catch the price drop and use it to your advantage. 

You should check your oil levels in May or so to work out how much you want to buy in. It may be a better idea to let the stocks run down a bit further if you’re planning to do a one-off bulk buy in July or August. Even if you can’t quite run to filling the tank in one go, you’ll still save money over a couple of orders if you time them right. At the very least, you won’t be eyeing up your depleted oil levels in November and kicking yourself! 

You could spread the cost from May to October 

Your supplier might let you pay for your bulk order in four or five instalments, between, say, May and October, before it’s actually delivered in October or November. Ask if you can fix the price-per-litre at May or June’s rates and then go from there. 

Invite the neighbours round 

The other good thing about summer is that everyone’s feeling much more sociable. If you’re hanging out in the garden with your neighbours, talk to them about arranging a bulk order for the street, or even just between a few of you. At a minimum, you’ll save money on the delivery charge if the tanker is coming to several of you on the same day. If there’s enough of you in the order, you can push the unit price of the oil itself down.  

Summertime really does make living more easy 

The other good thing about ordering your home heating oil in the summer is that your delivery is much less likely to be delayed. Once winter strikes, roads can be blocked, or your supplier has a queue of customers who are in front of you because they’re also panic-buying! By ordering in summer, you won’t be competing with as many other people for your delivery and even if you have to wait a week, so what? It’s summer and the boiler’s turned off for its annual service anyway! 

 *This is a collaborative post 


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