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A lot of bloggers these days seem to start up a blog with the intention of getting paid to write, or of getting free stuff. Now, whilst that’s always seemed like a cool thing to me, I never dreamed I’d be doing this full time when I started out. Working with brands and PRs can be amazing, it can open doors to some amazing opportunities (like the #cheapflightschallenge I did last year, for example) but it can also have it’s drawbacks. So, when Nancy Behrman/Behrman Communications asked me to write a post about working with brands, I thought I’d tell you a few things I love and a few I hate, about collaborating.

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I love…

Exciting campaigns¬†like the Cheapflights Challenge, or the Travelodgers campaign, really give me something to get my teeth into. I’ve been lucky to get involved with a few different things that I probably wouldn’t have done without this blog, and that makes me very proud.

Fair payment some weeks can seem impossible. But then I get an e-mail through with a campaign or a collaborative post, offering me a fair amount of money in return for my work. I feel appreciated, I feel excited about the post, and I can pay my bills.

Great events. We’re pretty lucky in Leeds and get a lot of event invites. The events that allow you to do something (cocktail making, Charleston dancing, makeovers, testing out driving with glasses that make you feel drunk) as well as seeing your blogger friends are the best kind. Especially if there’s food. Always feed us.

I hate…

When you’re not paid on time. Today I chased an invoice from October that is 60 days out of date, and one from December that’s two days late so far. I am a freelancer, with bills to pay. Not being paid when I should is stressful and unfair, and my bank don’t accept IOUs unfortunately. Please, guys, pay on time.

Moving the goalposts. I wrote a post for a PR after asking for a detailed brief and being told there wasn’t one. When I submitted the post I was told I needed to change it. It needed to be longer and on a different subject. This is why a detailed brief should be agreed upon, so as not to waste anyone’s time on an (unpaid) rewrite. Annoying.

Being ghosted.¬†In October I agreed an amazing campaign for November. I was excited about it, proud to be doing it, AND it was a week’s wages. A week before, when I’d not heard anything, I chased them for the details. I never got a reply, and I watched other bloggers take part in the campaign. That’s really disheartening, and I’ll admit it did really upset me. The PR could have let me know I was no longer taking part, that would’ve been the kind thing to do.

What do you love and hate about working with brands or PRs?

*This is a collaborative post. All thoughts, words and opinions are my own, and experiences described are 100% true.



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