*Working With Brands As A Blogger

When I first started this little blog, working with brands wasn’t even on my radar. I wrote for me, crossed my fingers that a couple of people would read my words and then thought no more about it. Fast forward four years and working with brands is something I’m pretty comfortable with now. In this post I’m writing about my experiences of paid blogging and blogger outreach services, with some hints and tips for both bloggers and brands on how to get the best from any collaboration.

I’m by no means the biggest blogger, or the one with the best collaborations, but I’ve had worked with some amazing food, fashion and travel brands so far and I’d like to think I’ve done the content justice, so I hope this post is helpful to both brands and newer bloggers. Do feel free to ask any questions in the comments below.

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For Bloggers

*Make sure you get full details of what the brand requires before agreeing a collaboration. Do they want a blog post? Social media coverage? A product review? Are they happy for you to put your own spin on the post, or do they want something that’s more advertorial in style?

*Look at whether the collaboration is something your audience would be interested in, and consider tweaking the brief (if you can) to make it more you. Vix does sponsored content very well when it comes to making it her own.

*Always declare when a post is sponsored or collaborative, as otherwise you risk alienating your readers. Be proud about your collaborations, and shout about them-most readers are supportive.

For Brands

*Reach out to bloggers, or ask an outreach company to, who fit in with your brand values. If you’re a toy brand, speak to parenting bloggers. If you’re a cruelty free brand, how about the skincare bloggers with a big vegan following? There’s no point working with bloggers who have zero connection to you or your products as chances are, neither will their readers.

*Allow bloggers to be creative-they know what works best for their audience. They also know what platform your product or idea will do best on so, if you’ve got your heart set on a paid tweet but they’re the queen of Instagram, think about how you can make that work.

*Look at what’s in it for the blogger as well as you. If you’re gifting a lipstick worth £3, it’s unfair to expect a blog post review, lots of Instagram coverage and 15 tweets promoting the post. Perhaps the blogger could include the lipstick in an Instagram story, or on a flatlay, making sure to tag you and mention it?

*Remember that bloggers are people too, and a thank you goes a long way. If you’ve enjoyed their post, sharing it on your own social channels both gives them a boost AND makes more people read it, which helps you too.

Do you have any tips for bloggers on working with brands, or brands on working with bloggers, that I’ve missed? What’s been your favourite brand collaboration?

*This is a collaborative post.


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