Wroclaw Street Art

Street art is one of my favourite things to discover in any new city, but when I visited Wroclaw I wasn’t expecting to see any street art in the Polish city. I was very wrong, and it turns out there’s even a Wroclaw street art walking route, designed to show off some of the best the city has to offer. I’m sad to say I’ve only discovered just how much colour there is as I’m writing this post, but I did stumble upon a fair few bits of colour during my trip, so I thought I’d share what I did see.

A wall with orange, yellow and white triangles, part of Wroclaw street art

A white wall with two white rabbits holding a red balloon, Wroclaw street art

Two dwarves painted on a wall, with the word Love in red above them, part of Wroclaw street art

Until my last day in the city, I spent the majority of my time within half an hour’s walk from Market Square, so the majority of the colour I saw was very central. Whilst in a taxi to see the


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